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Damn it.

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 2707035
Date Created:4/2/2004
Number of Posts: A lot

TSAHacker is who he thinks he is: A hacker/slacker/intelligent weirdo by day, and a frustrated gay government employee by night. Sometimes, he gets to be other people. And, still he just talks to himself.
Strengths: Computers, Born Leader, Weirdo, Homosexual
Weaknesses: Hot Asian men, computers, Prius, elegant dining, excellent pastries, and stuff.
Special Skills: Profession Hacker, Profession Bomb thingy, Ability to use energies he doesn't understand. Excellent driver, despite.
Weapons: Computer (Linux), .45 gun, .22 rifle, multi-regenerative trojan horse, Upper Red state...and, the car.
Hates: Everyone on the planet that isn't already loved by him (coworkers he likes, friends, family, Prius, Jack, Stitch, computers). Everyone else can go to hell.

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Who loves ya? Who fucks me? No one. Well, not the first one, I love ya. The second one is true for the time being. That's partially why I'm bitter. The human race is the second reason why I'm bitter.
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